Social Issues.

On social issues generally:

As I recently told my friends- “Economies go up and down, but pseudo progressive social policy lasts forever.”

Why is this?  Because liberal social policy entails not only freedom from government, but freedom from responsibility. And who does not want to be free from responsibility these days-  these days when we have become so distracted from deeper thinking by always being plugged in to work or relaxation- these days when such a lack of self-examination added to a desire for instant gratification and a short-sighted mindset prevent us from seeing how one persons actions effect another- and even economics.

Now we find ourselves labling thinking ahead as a slippery slope when such is only the case when there is no causal link between events.  Some call for tolerance of actions but not of ideas.  Hypocritical bigotry is everywhere (by which I mean bigots who call others bigoted).

I would like to share something that I recently learned from studying the work of Immanuel Kant.  He believed that tolerance is not a good thing.  To him it meant indifference, and indifference to others ideas was ignorant and disrespectful of their capacity to reason.  It is more respectful to disagree and calmly debate unless the person were truly mentally incompetent.

So let us avoid hatred and also tolerance.  Let us reason together a proper balance between personal freedoms and societal damages and then help others to learn.


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